Common Pitfalls To Avoid When House Hunting

Overspending is easy when it comes to our home. Be sure to evaluate your future finances and know what you can comfortably afford. It’s common to get caught up in your wish list, but it’s much smarter to buy a home that fits your budget. Stretching to make payments can put you in a difficult position if problems arise later.

Don’t be fooled by fresh paint and new carpet. A good practice is to imagine the house is white and try to focus on the condition of floors, age of appliances, and whether there are any signs of mold or structural damage.

Avoid unexpected, costly repairs. Be sure to take a close look at the foundation, roof, and exterior features. Ask about the age of windows, doors, and home comfort systems such as the furnace and air conditioning units.

Know which imperfections are deal breakers. Very few potential homes will be perfect. Savvy buyers understand that compromises need to be made. The key is to write down your list of priorities and know what you are willing to sacrifice.