Team Testimonials


While MLOA is as big a competitor as there is in the Mortgage world, working here has the feel of a hometown Bank. There are cookies and stories of weekend softball in the break room while there are massive growth plans going on in the conference room. The ability to maintain a small feel within a large company is rare...and cool.


MLOA is a company based on integrity and a "can do" attitude. We have a very hardworking, efficient, knowledgeable staff that truly cares about your home financing needs. Satisfying our customer's financial goal is our primary goal.


MLOA has an awesome group of employees! Hardworking, intelligent, and tons of fun, too! I couldn't ask for a better environment to work in every day. Even in difficult situations, we all work together and go above and beyond to reach our goals!


The most unique aspect about MLOA is how quickly we're able to adopt to the changing guidelines and regulations around us. I feel like we're always able to execute changes quickly.


The uniqueness of MLOA can be described as a true team effort in getting files through processing, with everyone doing their part to reach that single focus goal!


The casual yet fast-paced environment is what I like most about working for MLOA. Events like the company bbq, awards banquet, and other gathering are also definite perks that come with working for the company.


At Mortgage Lenders of America I get to help first-time home buyers realize their goal of home ownership--and hearing their appreciation after closing is extremely rewarding.


I really enjoy helping our customers get their piece of the American Dream--owing their own home! Aside from that, Mortgage Lenders of America is a great place to be: awesome environment (new building, workout facility, fun events and a great team environment)!


I love the opportunity to assist borrowers in the purchase of their home--and everyone here is so willing to work together to get the loan closed.


The most rewarding thing about working at Mortgage Lenders of America is helping people achieve their dream of home ownership. And the management staff here treats us all with respect and gratitude.


I love helping borrowers achieve home ownership, many for the first time, and having them truly excited about their new home. There are so many individuals in every department that not only provide help and expertise on a daily basis, but many times when immediate assistance is required and they have to drop what they're doing. What we do here requires a strong team, and we're always able to come together, get the job done and help people get into their new home.


It's truly satisfying to know that the work you are doing is helping people live their dream and finally own their home.